Current Fund Requirement

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Estimated Cost 120,000,000 JPY
Collected 82,880,000 JPY
Balance37,120,000 JPY
As of 2024-05-13

Listed on Launch Good

Feb 2023

Alhamdulillah we are listeded on LaunchGood. Please help us with your generous contributions/referrals to fulfill our day to day Islamic activities.

Beginning of Masjid project

2021 ~ On going

It started in a small rented space 10 years ago. As the community is growing there is a need for a permanent masjid. Due to the lack of timely availability of funds, we have missed a few viable locations.

Ojima Mushallah Registration

2013 ~ 2021

Formally known as Ojima Mushallah registered Non-profitable organition in 2021, Dar al Taqwa is the only Mushallah in the Koto ward serving around 200 Muslims

Beginning of Ojima Mushallah


Started with few Brother and sisters in Ojima Koto Ku