Qard Al Hasan

“…. Allah has permitted trade and has forbidden interest.” 2:275 
The concept of interest/usury (Riba) in the Qur’an is very clear. It is forbidden.

Our Vision:

Qard Al Hasan is helping our Islamic brothers who need money in unexpected situation or emergency. Protect our Muslim brother from Riba (Interest). The association aims to help people by giving loans that are time specific and therefore contributing in solving some of their social problem, while also enhancing the spirit of cooperation, solidarity & unity between members of the society.

Our Goals:
➢ Help our brothers who were in unexpected trouble without the burden of interest
➢ To help us and our brothers understand the importance of staying away from interest
➢ To give you the opportunity to give a Qard Al Hasan, "a most beautiful loan" to Allah
➢ To allow your donation to become a ‘sadaqah jariyah’ (a continuing charity) for you as it 
continues to benefit our brothers year after year as loans are repaid and added back to 
the loan fund
➢ To encourage brothers in Islam, who have benefited from this Qard Al Hasan, to become 
donors themselves and help our Muslim Brothers

Apply for Loan
Who can Apply:
o Must be an active member of Dar Al Taqwa NIBC
o Must be in Ojima for atleast 6 months
o Who need money in emergency situation like Health issues, Unexpected travel, 
lost your job, Loss in their business
o One person can get only one Loan at a time. Cannot have two Loan in same period.
What will you need:
o Need one Guarantor from your side. Another One more Guarantor from Our Trustees. 
o Plan for repayment scheduleLoan Value
o Max of 200,000 for Normal loan with Guarantor

Borrower Scheme
o Any one can put money any amount for Qard al Hasana.
o We will create Agreement with Borrowers, Dar Al Taqwa and trustees.
o Money can be withdrawn anytime in Bank Hours and Person in charge availability.
Please tell us before hand.

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