We are conducting Daily Prayer in Our Musallah. As a Jamath, we are conducting Fajr and Isha Prayer and Weekly Jummar Prayer.

Quran Class

We teach Quran class to our Kids to read Quran in Proper way. There is no limit for Age in this Class.

Tarbiya Class

We are teaching Islamic Class for Kids on Weekend. Our Class not only teach Islamic teaching but Good manner to live together with Japanese people.

Qard Al Hasan

Qard al-Hasan is loan which is returned at end of agreed period without any interest. The borrower need only pay back the amount they borrowed, with no interest.


From Our organization, we gave support to many Masjid and to society around the world

Help Service

We assist you any kind of help needed in emergency. You can reach us 24 Hours for any kind of help. We are ready to helpful for you.