Qard al-Hasan Service - (benevolent loan)

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Assalamu Alaikum Brothers,
As agreed in our DAR AL-TAQWA Weekly Mashura (meeting) to start Qard Al-Hasana service, we will start the service to help our members and to other approved Muslim’s organization in Japan who need financial support. 
What Qard al-Hasan means?
Qard al-Hasan is loan which is returned at end of agreed period without any interest.     Qard al-Hasan is a loan extended on a goodwill basis, mainly for welfare purposes. Islam allows a cash loan as a form of social service among the rich to help the poor and those needing financial assistance.
Qard al-Hasan can be seen as something between giving charity and giving a loan.
The borrower need only pay back the amount they borrowed, with no interest. On principle, Islam does not allow interest. Should a borrower encounter difficulty, the lender must extend the repayment time on request basis.
The Qur’an encourages Muslims to provide Qard al-Hasan, benevolent loans, to “those who need them”:
“Who is he that will give Allah Qard Hasan? For Allah will increase it manifold to his credit.” (Qur’an 57:11)
“If you give Allah Qard Hasan … he will grant you forgiveness.” (Qur’an 64:17)
“Establish regular prayer and give regular charity and give Allah Qard Hasan.” (Qur’an 73:20).

Our current target for Qard al-Hasan service is to collect 5 million JPY from our community members and others as lender to this service.
We need member’s commitment on following as soon as possible within a week.
* How much cash amount can be contributed to this service as lender?
* How long DAR AL-TAQWA (Ojima Musallah) as borrower can hold the amount (minimum 6 months) and do repayment?
First Project 
To start our service, we will do our 1st financial assistance as Qard al-Hasan to Nishi Kasai Masjid Project who request for financial support to complete their Masjid work.
Please contact following Brothers for more information/ to contribute
Mob : +81(0)80 3806 5614  Seyed
Mob : +81(0)90 6001 6326  Hameed
Kindly support us to make this service successful and our members get benefited.
Jazakumullahu khairan 

Ojima Mushallah
DAR AL-TAQWA Nihon Islamic Bunka Centre

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