Assalamu Alaikum
Dear Brothers & Sisters,
Alhumdulillah, soon Eid-ul-Adha(Bakri Eid) is approaching, on this occassion lets get together to celebrate Eid and do collective supplication for entire world for ease of matters which all of us are going through.
Inshallah we are planning for Eid gathering as below.
Date : Saturday 31 July 2021
Time : 7:00pm (Magrib onwards)
Place: Ojima 6 Chome Danchi, 3rd Building Hall
Highlights of the Gathering
+ Quran Recitation by Kids
+ Tarbiya Lecture by Kids
+ Progress sharing of our Musallah and Future goal
+ Dinner
Kindly register for this event using the below link. Also please share this with your friends & family you wish to invite.
To make this gathering success, Please do registration by 2021/07/23(Friday)
We request you to join with your family to have a great time together!

Ojima Mushallah
DAR AL-TAQWA Nihon Islamic Bunka Centre
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