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Eid-al Adha Prayer 2021


Date : Jul 20, 2021
Time : 8:15am - 9:20 am


Location : Ojima 6 Chome Danchi, Building 3
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Assalamu Alaikum

This is regarding Eid Prayer timings by our Musallah. We are conducting EID Prayer this time for Gents/Ladies/Kids with Precautions with Covid-19.

Date : Tue, 20 July 2021
Place: Ojima 6 Chome Danchi, Building 3
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/X9iuEVci5kcJZU9X7

8:15am Zikr/ Taqbeer
8:30am Eid Prayer 
8:40am Khutba Start
09:00am Greetings everyone
09:10am Cleaning
09:20am Close Hall
Important Notice
* Everyone must register their Name and their Family members including Kids.
* Special arrangments for Ladies Prayer.
* While entering Hall, we will check your temperature. Person with more than 37.5 Is Not allowed in Hall
* MUST Wear Mask And use Sanitizer while entering Hall
* On the Floor, we have temporary sheet for Single Use. You can bring your MAT.
* We also provide A3 Paper to use in Prayer.
* Abultion (Wudu), please do it your Home
* Please keep Silence And DONOT talk in the Building. Parents with Kids, take care of your KIDS

Ojima Mushallah
DAR AL-TAQWA Nihon Islamic Bunka Centre

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